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Our Distillery

Schnapsmanufaktur im Löwen

The Schnapps Manufactory in Löwen

Our fine spirits are made of fruits from our own, local,  traditional and natural cultivation in meadow orchards (Streuobstwiesen).

The production itself is carried out in all steps completely hand crafted. Our distillery produces its selection of outstanding fine spirits from the best natural grown fruits.

What is a meadow orchard (“Streuobstwiese”) ?
Streuobstwiese (plural: Streuobstwiesen) is a German word that means a meadow with scattered fruit trees or fruit trees that are planted in a field.

Our region includes the largest European area of meadow orchards (“Streuobstwiesen”) with an area of 180.000 hectare “Streuobstwiesen” and 12 millions of traditional type trees.

A Streuobstwiese, or a meadow orchard, is a traditional landscape in the temperate, maritime climate of continental Western Europe. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Streuobstwiesen were a kind of a rural community orchard that were intended for productive cultivation of stone fruit.

In recent years, ecologists have successfully lobbied for state subsidies to valuable habitats, biodiversity and natural landscapes, which are also used to preserve old meadow orchards.

Conventional and meadow orchards provide a suitable habitat for many animal species that live in a cultured landscape. A notable example is the hoopoe that nests in tree hollows of old fruit trees and, in the absence of alternative nesting sites, is threatened in many parts of Europe, because of the destruction of old orchards.           (reference and ©: Wikipedia)

What is the difference between a “Brand” (brandy) or “Wasser” (water), and a “Geist” (spirit) ?

“Brand” or “Wasser” comes solely from the fruit mentioned on the label of the bottle, i.e. an apple “Brand” comes 100% from apples.

A “Geist” comes from a tasteless alcohol (eg, from corn) in which the aroma from low-sugar soft fruits is solved (known as maceration).

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